Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use one of Eason’s images?
Answer:  All Eason Eige artwork remains the sole and exclusive copyrighted property of Eason Eige,
even after selling the original, unless he relinquishes his rights. Materials 
on this website, including
images and text and any other website and/or media featuring 
Eason Eige artwork, are copyrighted
and are the exclusive property of Eason Eige. 
Reproduction of any Eason Eige property without
express written consent is unlawful 
 and prohibited.

Is there any original Eason Eige art offered on his website?

Answer:  The paintings seen on this website are all originals by Eason.

Which galleries represent Eason Eige?
Answer:  Eason occasionally has art work in galleries in Old Town and around Albuquerque.
Check GALLERY SHOWS which has information about the most current and/or upcoming shows.

long does it take Eason to create an original painting?

Answer:  Each painting that Eason creates takes a substantial amount of time. Eason works
every day, often well ahead of any exhibition. He produces quite a few paintings each year.

Can I commission Eason to do a painting?
Answer:  A regular Eason Eige commission is sometimes possible. The best thing to do is to give
him a call. He  will take your requests with regard to subject matter, size, and price into consideration.